ProVision visualizers (document cameras) offered a well-designed digital presentation tool that is easy-to-use and provides superior image quality. In addition, our visualizers lead the market with the endless development of uniqueness and forward-thinking capabilities. ProVision Visualizer allows presenter to project 2D or 3D objects, record it, modify it, and make contents more interactive with the audience.  



Wireless visualizers offered the highest mobility with cable free



Desktop visualizers come with top of the line specifications for professional user



With one of these versatile visualizers on hand, you are can capture smooth, vivid images of countless objects from just about any angle.


Wireless Model



  • 8M pixels of CMOS

  • Up to 3264 x 2448 resolution

  • Wireless connection

  • Support Windows/ iOS/ Android

  • 180 degrees adjustable camera

  • Fast respond Auto Focus

  • Build in LED light

  • Foldable and handy design

W800i (JPG).jpg

ProVision W800i


Wireless Visualizer

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Cable free Wireless visualizers bring document cameras to a new level. ProVision W800i wireless visualizers allow you to move freely and project image anytime and anywhere. W800i are compatible with various OS which enable project documents up to A3 size with fast respond

and auto focus.

Working at Wooden Table
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Instructors are no longer limited to their workspace

W800i wireless feature offered a more flexible environment to the user to perform the presentation anywhere when necessary 

Video Conferencing

W800i wireless visualizer connect computer devices with USB toggle. Projected screen can easily be share online 

W800i (2).png
W800i screenshot.png

Annotation, Image rotation, screen freeze, zoom and recording with just a simple click with the W800i software

Desktop Model

Design for professional


  • 8M - 13M pixels of CMOS

  • 1080P Native signal output

  • 2 x HDMI in/out (model PH-8800)

  • 2 x VGA in/out

  • 1 x USB port (model PH-3801, PH-8800)

  • 180 degree Image rotation

  • Video selector function

  • VGA bypass function

  • Simple use keypad

  • Multiple zoom in/out button

  • Remote control drawer

Visualizer Thumbnail_ProVision PH Series.jpg

ProVision PH-series

Full Features Visualizer

Platform or Desktop visualizers (Document Cameras) are perfect for high-school labs,

college lecture halls, medical offices and a variety of other professional environments.


All desktop visualizers come with top of the line specifications and features,

like a 13-megapixel camera sensor, optical zoom, a built-in light box for viewing

x-rays and film negatives, HD output resolution and an array of great presentation/teaching tools.

Gooseneck Model



  • 8M pixels of CMOS

  • Up to 2592 x 1944 resolution

  • 1080P 30fps recording

  • 1 x HDMI out

  • 1 x VGA in/out

  • 1 x USB port

  • 1 x SD card slot

  • Built-in Mic


ProVision PS-800

Flexible Arm Visualizer

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Flexible arm visualizers (Document Cameras) give you the portability and flexibility needed to take your visualizer

wherever you need to be, while still offering remarkable image quality and fantastic features,

like onboard annotation and one-touch recording. With one of these versatile visualizers in hand, you are can capture smooth, vivid images of countless objects from just about any angle.

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