ProVision Digital LED display wall deliver seamless images and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle and any form factors. LED display wall is not bound by the size or viewing angle which give it a very high flexibility in different application.


High quality LED module provide high quality image

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Full color video processor processing and transforming input signals to a viewable content over a multi-screen video wall

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Video processors display direct input signals over multi-screen video walls. Services as real time scaling, seamless switch, fade effects ensure professional video quality

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ProVision Digital LED team is capable to build LED display wall in different environment and different application to fulfill our client's demand. Our wide range of LED display is scalable to any size or shape from high resolution flat and curved viewing indoor solution to unlimited outdoor screen size with waterproof protection.

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Outdoor Waterproof Cabinet

( Indoor / Outdoor )

Wall Mount

( Indoor )

Rental Cabinet

( Indoor / Outdoor )

Simple Cabinet

( Indoor )

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ProVision Digital LED team provide on-site maintenance service to make sure our product are optimized at all time 

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ProVision Digital LED display wall not only design for the commercial market, our mission is supporting the education community in Hong Kong, developing innovative product to improve learning quality is our goal. ProVision Digital developed LED display wall for school hall and conference room to turn our school into a digital environment which provide more interaction with the audience. The education sector is serve by our dedicated education LED team with strong experience in safety and structure design which able to provide professional consultation to our clients. 


Check out our education project reference in Hong Kong

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