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Students want to learn in the classroom the same way they interact outside the classroom.
e-Writeboard's technology provides exploration lessons and collaborated solutions
with simple ways for students to recognize and adopt easily.

Explore our innovative e-Writeboard products and
discover the new interactive learning environment


e-Writeboard Series

Minimal Office

Spinning Hub

City Sky
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Touch frame



Work Desk


e-Writeboard Series
e-Writeboard PRO-X


(Equalizer soundbar)PRO-X grey(500mm x 3


  • Support up to 32 multi-touch points

  • Pre-loading mult-themes like meeting and education theme that suitable for difference scenario

  • Streaming up to 9 devices screen to PRO-X at the same time

  • Support mirror PRO-X screen up to 64 devices

  • Powerful casting management system which can check, allow, or reject mirroring and streaming screen from or to difference device

  • Brand new annotation mode which can share multi-page and switch between touch and annotation mode quickly and easily

  • Entirely new whiteboard app support dual pen recognize mode and share the screenshot by cloud or local QR code connection.

  • 1mm pencil hover help you draw in fine and detail picture as you like

  • Built-in dual 5GHz Wi-Fi for internet and mirroring smoothly

  • Schedule power system let PRO-X power on and off automatically at selected times

  • Ultra High Definition 4K@60Hz display support HDR 10bit, screen size from 55" to 98"

  • Intelligence locking feature like power-on lock, USB lock and screen lock offer a tremendous security function

  • USB Type-C not only for video input or data transfer, but also can control mobile phone or computer directly through PRO-X

e-Writeboard PRO-X Logo (Black).png
e-Writeboard PRO-X Logo (White).png
e-Writeboard Lite (PNG).png


  • Standard touch panel hardware specification 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM

  • Build in 2.4G/ 5G Dual WiFi, enable WiFi network and hotspot connection simultaneously

  • Support mirror casting of 4 devices to touch screen simultaneously

  • Support 20 multi touch points

  • Super fine 1mm pen recognition

  • Mirror casting management console included

  • One LAN cable for both LITE and OPS internet connection

e-Writeboard Lite.png
e-Writeboard Lite (White).png
VX-R series.png


  • Integrated touch frame, easy to maintenance

  • 4K Resolution for all models

  • Built-in dual 2.4G and 5G Hz WiFi for internet and mirroring

  • Quadcast and smooth two way mirroring

  • Android Google play certified

  • Fully supported Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome OS

  • Support up to 15 points touch

  • MoHS 7 Anti-glare glass

e-Writeboard_VX-R (White).png
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e-Writeboard Lite
Spinning Hub Series



Spinning Hub_Side (PNG)-01.png
Rotatable Capacitive Touch Panel


  • Select hardware base on your requirement

  • Capacitive sensitive touch screen

  • Rotatable design to fit Portrait and Landscape orientation

  • Completely compatible with Windows software including Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Whiteboard etc.

  • Support up to 40 multi touch points

Spinning Hub

Rotatable Capacitive Touch Panel

touch frame solution



touch frames that add interaction to TV walls/ projectors/ led walls...


Skizze Pen with Logo(Without background

Skizze Pen

Skizze Pen


  • Suitable for ProVision VX Series, VX-R, PRO-X Series or any IR IFPD/IWB

  • Intelligent to recognize Skizze Pen as writing and finger as touch gesture

  • Thin or bold stroke by recognizing the pressure from 0g to 2048g

  • Intelligent Motion Sensor let you double click switching difference function easily

  • Customize own setting to call out function that you want

  • Define your own Skizze Pen name for recognition

  • Working 7 full days by charging for 2 hours

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